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just be yourself
not someone plastic
before it’s too late
things get too drastic…

[ Infest – Plastic ]


Mother Monster… I am ready!

it is now 2am – 6 long hours and i am finally finished… can’t wait to meet other little monsters but most of all… i can’t wait to see her, the queen bee the one and only mother monster – lady gaga!


Ok, so… at first glance I thought, cool another girl rocking a cute sailors outfit. Then I saw her shaved hair and then the ear stretchers>> and I knew that I just had to take a photo.  Her style, I think is a tamed version of Harajuku street fashion>> and I applaud her for daring to be different.


I first spotted her @ Comics Etc >>. sifting through $1 comics.  She wonders why I picked her saying she is not fashionable, but I disagree wholeheartedly.  It’s not just about wearing whats current, it’s about making a statement… and that she does with her neon hair, band shirt and studded flannelette top. This tattooed punker reminds me a lot of 90’s movie Tank Girl >>.  PS. Stunning face.

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