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Re-Blog Fridays!

A great street photography blog that I am very envious of… Check out this blog you won’t regret it.

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Re-Blog Fridays!- Fashion & Style

The team from Fashion & Style are dedicated bloggers that give me insight on things that I would not have even known. I ❤ and thank them for their work.

Fashion & Style Guru

The breakout model Amira Ahmed is more than just a beautiful face framed by a short, edgy haircut. For the half-Somali, half-Filipino, who surfs the West Coast —  “I love waiting for that special wave” — and hits the Tignes in the French Alps to snowboard between fashion seasons (“simply a must!”), modeling is as much about traveling and maintaining the routine-less lifestyle she knows so well as it is a job.

Born in Stockholm, the 22-year-old grew up on her stepfather’s boat, where, she says “the sea became my playground.” Upon coming ashore, she attended boarding school in Prague, then college in London where she studied international relations.

“It’s natural that I would find work that I could do everywhere,” she says. Now based in Brooklyn, Ms. Ahmed most recently landed campaigns for Gap, AllSaints and L’Oreal.

by Errol Murray at Fashion reporters

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Re-Blog Fridays!

A true lover of fashion… Loved this recent post of hers on DIY tie-dye pants.

As Time Goes...Buy

So here’s the deal…

I bought a pair of turquoise colored skinny jeans. Because I loved the colour and thought it could be my concession to all the pastels going on right now. My colouring doesn’t really allow for pastels so thought the jeans would be okay as my bum is pretty far away from my face…and getting further away each year!

Trouble is, I don’t really have anything the right colour to go with them and I just can’t come at putting something that bright on my big bum! Now I’m in a pickle, I have these jeans in the wardrobe, that I’m not likely to wear but I can’t just give them to the Salvos because in my heart I’m not ready to part with them, because they remain unworn.

Along comes my 90 days in the wilderness challenge and as I can’t buy anything but still…

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Re-blog Fridays

Just Beautiful!!! I am in love with his photography style.

Re-Blog Fridays!

It was so refreshing to see a males perspective on things.

Buffalo Dandy

Trying out my new chinos from Brooks Brothers today but wanted to dress them down a bit. A navy polo, tan blazer and sock-less loafers seemed the way to go.

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