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Category: Street Chic


chic from top to toe… these fashion divas are founders of an online store. hope they give us a little insight to what they do.



@ federation square melbourne

describe your style…. “queen one day, pauper the next”


a little Parisian chic @ the chandler markets this morning.  love the layered bangles.


an elegant model with a great sense of  street style


simple, chic, street. most of her pieces are from valley girl the top from  victorias secret.


on my way to work i see this mass of rusty orange fur balls approaching me, but it didn’t seem to bother me… because well… this young lady has managed to make it look so cool! a fashion student with a great style, i am loving the orange against her fair skin. she has inspired me enough to go out and find my very own nanny jumper and pair it with some hot legging.

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