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the way we were “frock up brisbane!” fair

thanks to Mariah from Vintage Carousel Clothing my friend and i won 2 tickets to The Brisbane Way we Were Fair .

two outfits that caught my attention..

a little vintage outfit worn by no other than my friend Miss C.

as well as this stunning girl…

when asked, how would you describe your style she said something really fun and quirky which i cant for the life of me remember! argh.. don’t you just hate it when that happens! sorry guys.  i hope that she reads this and reminds me of what it was.


a perfect example of how you can incorporate vintage blouses into today’s fashion.


on my way to work i see this mass of rusty orange fur balls approaching me, but it didn’t seem to bother me… because well… this young lady has managed to make it look so cool! a fashion student with a great style, i am loving the orange against her fair skin. she has inspired me enough to go out and find my very own nanny jumper and pair it with some hot legging.

@ love vintage show

last night my friend and i braved the rain and attended the “love vintage show” >>>. there was so much to see, shop and do that at times it really overwhelmed me.  i didn’t buy anything that night, i guess i kind of like only spending $10 for my vintage finds, but i did try my hand on some catwalk modeling lol… nah! it was just for a bit of fun, and no i didn’t win the competition.

the winner of the fashion show (and rightfully so), is the wonderful Mariah from the Carousel Clothing, visit her site here>>>

other ladies of vintage leisure that attended and to take note of…

in the middle – the one and only Candice DeVille from Super Kawaii Mama>>> 

 owner Mais Oui Vintage>>>

& my favorite vintage outfit of the night…

just stunning!

more vintage outfits and photos of the exhibition below enjoy!

p.s. all photos individually posted on my FB page 😉

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i love everything about this look. gwen stafani eat your heart out!…

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