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Window Shopping 0004

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…



Ok, so… at first glance I thought, cool another girl rocking a cute sailors outfit. Then I saw her shaved hair and then the ear stretchers>> and I knew that I just had to take a photo.  Her style, I think is a tamed version of Harajuku street fashion>> and I applaud her for daring to be different.


I was on my way to work- then I see her walk by.  She explains of how Brisbane as a whole doesn’t have much to offer the alternate scene.   As a result most of her items are purchased online.  She has added so much character to this plain black outfit with the use of silver chains and statement accessories.


Stunning, sexy, chic!  This fashionista is the second half from post 0011.  Her skeleton top was what caught my eye, found a similar item online here @ Svpply>>

Window Shopping 0002

Hi guys, let me introduce you to the Alma, an iconic design from the Louis Vuitton collection >>>. If only I had a spare $2000 I could have one of my own.

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