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just be yourself
not someone plastic
before it’s too late
things get too drastic…

[ Infest – Plastic ]


brisbane monsters

for more lady gaga monsters and to see my full outfit watch the video below or follow my facebook link 🙂

Lady Gaga and her Brisbane Monsters

Mother Monster… I am ready!

it is now 2am – 6 long hours and i am finally finished… can’t wait to meet other little monsters but most of all… i can’t wait to see her, the queen bee the one and only mother monster – lady gaga!


From far away I thought that he was wearing a studded jacket, close up I was surprised to see that they were  actually clusters of safety pins.  A DIY that I personally think worked a treat.  Imagine the time it took to detail and create this piece; a dedicated fashion lover indeed.  Stay tuned to see his equally fashionable friend in a few days, until then!

Re-Blog Fridays!

A true lover of fashion… Loved this recent post of hers on DIY tie-dye pants.

As Time Goes...Buy

So here’s the deal…

I bought a pair of turquoise colored skinny jeans. Because I loved the colour and thought it could be my concession to all the pastels going on right now. My colouring doesn’t really allow for pastels so thought the jeans would be okay as my bum is pretty far away from my face…and getting further away each year!

Trouble is, I don’t really have anything the right colour to go with them and I just can’t come at putting something that bright on my big bum! Now I’m in a pickle, I have these jeans in the wardrobe, that I’m not likely to wear but I can’t just give them to the Salvos because in my heart I’m not ready to part with them, because they remain unworn.

Along comes my 90 days in the wilderness challenge and as I can’t buy anything but still…

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