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the way we were “frock up brisbane!” fair

thanks to Mariah from Vintage Carousel Clothing my friend and i won 2 tickets to The Brisbane Way we Were Fair .

two outfits that caught my attention..

a little vintage outfit worn by no other than my friend Miss C.

as well as this stunning girl…

when asked, how would you describe your style she said something really fun and quirky which i cant for the life of me remember! argh.. don’t you just hate it when that happens! sorry guys.  i hope that she reads this and reminds me of what it was.



Ok, so… at first glance I thought, cool another girl rocking a cute sailors outfit. Then I saw her shaved hair and then the ear stretchers>> and I knew that I just had to take a photo.  Her style, I think is a tamed version of Harajuku street fashion>> and I applaud her for daring to be different.


Here is the second shot from the ANZAC day parade.  I didn’t get a chance to ask where she got her dress from so I hope one of you would know.  The hat I think completes this outfit, so cute…  So tell me what you think the blue or white dress for you?


Spotted @ the ANZAC day parade last Wednesday.  Her and a friend were dressed for the occasion; vintage styles and very lady like. Now because my camera is at the doctors at the moment and will be out of commission until next week, I have decided to post the two outfits separately.  Once both up let me know which one you like best, so stay tuned!  PS.  I was given the black version of this dress as an anniversary gift.  My husband bought it from Dandelyon Gifts >>> for around $60.


I have been in love with this colour for a very long time, but it has never suited me.  This young lady however has pulled it off with a great sense of style and elegance.  The use of gold and black accessories gives it a very chic Egyptian feel.  The dress, from TEMT.  Check their very European inspired season collection here>>>.


A film student with a vintage style.  Her dress was a great find from the Brisbane Suitcase Rummage >>>. I love the whole red on red look, and her use of accessories really puts this whole outfit together.

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