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From far away I thought that he was wearing a studded jacket, close up I was surprised to see that they were  actually clusters of safety pins.  A DIY that I personally think worked a treat.  Imagine the time it took to detail and create this piece; a dedicated fashion lover indeed.  Stay tuned to see his equally fashionable friend in a few days, until then!



Such a cute outfit! I love the badges on her vintage radio shaped bag, they add a little quirkiness to the outfit and an insight to who she is. When asked, where do you shop?  Names like  Dotti>>, Sportsgirl>> and  Country Road >> were mentioned, definitely one with great taste and style.

Window Shopping 0001

Time to window shop girls…  This month looks like Sportsgirl is gearing us up for the cooler months.  A lot of layers with a street grunge edge.  Check out their lookbook showcasing reds, blacks with just a hint of gold to start us off.

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