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simple, chic, street. most of her pieces are from valley girl the top from  victorias secret.



American street style and vintage pin-up spotted in the south side of Brisbane. Proof that kids in Brisbane are experimenting and exploring a little more than the usual surf short, t-shirt and thongs that I was surrounded with when I was younger.


Last weekend was Brisbane’s Paniyiri >> Greek Festival.  I spotted this stunning lady taking photos at the festival and was instantly drawn to her. The use of contrasting colours really made her stand out from the crowd. Who would have thought that a heavily printed brown based top would go with bright aqua Levis>> shorts, very 70’s inspired. Her necklace is a thrifted vintage Givenchy>>, a complete gem!


I first spotted her @ Comics Etc >>. sifting through $1 comics.  She wonders why I picked her saying she is not fashionable, but I disagree wholeheartedly.  It’s not just about wearing whats current, it’s about making a statement… and that she does with her neon hair, band shirt and studded flannelette top. This tattooed punker reminds me a lot of 90’s movie Tank Girl >>.  PS. Stunning face.

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